Troop 196, Liberty Hill, Texas

Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 196 in Liberty Hill, Texas.  We are located in Williamson County just 33 miles northwest of Austin, Texas.

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Troop 196


Welcome to Scouting!

Your son is standing at the doorway to one of the most exciting adventures imaginable.  Not only will he find himself hiking along wooded trails, canoeing across misty lakes and camping under the open sky, he will be involved in his family, his community, and his environment.  As he steps into the world of Scouting, he will grow in his involvement with his family.  He will learn communication skills, responsibility to family and friends, and his vital role in the family circle.  He will also learn to become involved in his community and find ways to make a difference in his schools. He will learn the value of citizenship.

Scouting is an adventure, and as a Boy Scout, your son will learn new skills as he camps outdoors. He will prepare his own meals, identify wildlife and learn about the natural environment.  He will have the opportunity to see the beauty of nature, and learn to respect its authority.  He will learn to prepare for the worse and enjoy the best of the outdoor experience.

Scouting is a doorway to new friendships and fun.  He may know boys joining Troop 196, but he’ll meet lots of other Scouts along the Trail to Eagle as well. As he matures in Scouting, he will learn to lead as well as to work with others – everyone helping everyone else.  Scouting is a worldwide brotherhood many millions strong.  Almost anywhere he goes, he will find Scouts excited about the same things he is.


Who is Troop 196?

Troop 196 is a Boy Scout troop located in Liberty Hill, Texas.  We are part of the San Gabriel District of the Capitol Area Council.  Troop 196 was chartered to serve the boys in the expanding residential neighborhoods of the Liberty Hill School district area. Just like the Liberty Hill area, Troop 196 has grown rapidly over the last few years and has enjoyed the benefits and trials of a growing organization. As we grow in size and experience, Troop 196 continues to encourage creative ideas that can provide an exciting and balanced experience for our boys. Troop 196 believes it has in place a program to help our youth grow and have fun at the same time.

Troop 196 is committed to five basic principles. They are:

  1. Scouting is a boy-lead activity. Parents are encouraged to participate.
  2. The Boy Scout experience builds character. Group interaction, community service and individual responsibility will focus young boys on important life skills.
  3. A wide range of outdoor activity is important in building strong group bonds and will encourage boys to become involved in constructive efforts. Troop 196 will schedule many activities and campouts throughout the year. Boys are expected to participate in all activities when possible.
  4. Advancement and achievement is the key to enthusiasm.  We make every effort to help these boys advance in rank and maturity.
  5. The Boy Scout activities must be fun and exciting if we expect boys to choose to be involved.

Troop 196 does realize that many boys are involved in activities other than scouts. We work around school, sports and community schedules. So don't feel like you have to give up something to join us!

Who is our Charter?

The Liberty Hill United Methodist Church is our chartering organization.


Where do we meet?

Troop 196 meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at the LHUMC in downtown Liberty Hill from 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Liberty Hill United Methodist Church
101 Church Street
Liberty Hill, TX 78642


Who can join?

Troop 196 welcomes all boys at least 11 years old or that have completed the 5th grade. Younger boys are also encouraged to get started in scouting through our Cub Scout Pack 196.


How do I join?

There is a little more to joining a Boy Scout Troop than simply completing a membership application and paying dues.  A candidate for Boy Scouts needs to meet other requirements, too.  The Scout will need to purchase the Boy Scouts Handbook, the official guide through all years of scouting and serves as a record for advancement.  Unlike the Webelos book, the Boy Scout Handbook will be used during all the Scout’s years in scouting.

The Scout will need to meet all the requirements on page 4 of the Boy Scout Handbook in order to earn the first badge in Boy Scouting; the Scout badge.  The Scoutmaster will then talk with the Scout to make sure he knows what it means to be a Scout. The Scout will then be officially welcomed into Troop 196.


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